7 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Having a Mobile App

7 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Having a Mobile App

Opening a business in any sector today seems easier than in the past years, thanks to the recent technology development. However, the competition in the business world is something tough. You are required to have a high mobility to fetch your potential customers.

Managing a mobile friendly website is not sufficient. It’s essential to have a mobile app since you have to stay connected with your employees and on-the-go customers. Here are 7 ways your business can benefit from having a mobile app:

1. Showing Geo Location

Being mobile requires you to acknowledge the location of your clients. Ensure that your meet-up spot doesn’t affect your time efficiency. Some are super busy dealing with finding the location so that it literally ruins your schedule with other customers. According to Johan Den Haan, the chief technology officer of Mendix, “it’s become increasingly easy to target key users with location-specific, time-sensitive messages via mobile apps.”

Using a mobile app obviously has supported small business to keep growing. It benefits in cutting off expense, narrowing marketing focus, and maximizing ads. Other features like integrating geo-fencing with SMS texts lets you get connected straight away with the nearest customers. Never overlook a precious chance to keep optimizing your loyal customers by sending some messages about special sale and attractive event only for them.

2. Loyalty Program for Customers

To attract the loyal customers has never been easy. Nevertheless, the mobile app can facilitate loyalty reward programs. The programs aim to reward those who have downloaded the app so that they can get easy access to early bird specials, exclusive deals, and other features. In order to make the mobile app more efficient, there should be a wide variety of reward options for the customers.

The rewarding method such as punch cards is regarded as an ineffective way for both parties (the customers and the sellers). But, a new mobile app designed to satisfy them is totally helpful. The customers are able to obtain a punch through their mobile app after purchasing some items, and then get a bigger reward if they successfully collect ten punches. Besides, some coupon programs are able to grab more customers’ loyalty. Meanwhile, the sellers can easily interact with their customers and give them other rewards directly.

3. As Scheduling Tool and Reminder

Having a mobile app definitely, eases your hectic job especially when it comes to dealing with client’s meet up or other important appointments. You need to get your work schedule organized. Imagine if your business is about servicing people like a yoga class. It seems impossible to arrange your tight schedule properly when tons of clients order your class. If you apply the app to remind your class schedule, it will give you more advantages to come on time. Besides, when your new clients are about to enroll your class, they just need to sign up via their computer tablet or smartphone.

4. As Electronic Payment

Craig Bloem, the founder of FreeLogoServices.com once said, “You may have noticed (Square), the little white (cube used for mobile payments), migrating from farmer’s markets to businesses of all kinds.” His statement really reflects how beneficial the work of mobile app as the electronic payment. Everybody, even small business has similar opportunity to use their credit cards and do some transactions just in seconds through their smartphones regardless of time and distance.

It turns out that the mobile payment is super-efficient since the system and the data can completely be integrated with other mobile applications. The business enthusiasts get multiple advantages as they can do both transaction and promotion at the same time using various technologies. Everything is done automatically on the whole businesses.

5. Making Communication and Collaboration Much Easier

When running a business, it’s imperative to balance both communication and connection with the clients and the employees. One of the mobile apps specialized on communication platform is Slack. This app benefits the internet users to stay connected with other people wherever they are. It has replaced the role of email and boost meaningful collaboration. In addition to that, small businesses can minimize their monthly budget, and then it can be allocated to crucial spending.

Several apps surely guarantee team’s collaboration and project maximization of particular companies very well. They can even share all important information and documents with other people on the business where distant is not a really big matter. An app like Dropbox has some features like sharing personal folders, team folders, and full access to anything in just a few seconds.

6. As Customer Service

To show your responsibility and maintain a good reputation, you should always put your customers as the main priority. Customer service is needed to help your business loved by your recent clients.

It’s definitely impossible to serve the customers in 24 hours, yet the mobile app is the best solution to handle with that. An app like Desk.com allows customers to stay connected with the customer service team whenever and wherever they are.

7. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Support

Anthony Smith, the founder and the CEO of Insightly says, “When it comes to customer relationship management, mobile CRM gives business owners a wide range of capabilities right at their fingertips.” His statement shows how a mobile app helps the business owner organizes activities related to tasks, projects, calendar marking, emails, etc. It seems easier to make a note about all business details. In the past, secretaries must have got those sorts of jobs, mustn’t them?

Another benefit of an app when it comes to the CRM is the manager as well as the owner of a particular business can simplify their jobs. They are able to scan and add the contact numbers, including the detail information, automatically into their CRM. They will even get some important details from their acquaintance. These facts are so efficient that the business owners have more time to build a deeper connection with their customers. In another word, the mobile CRM really saves time resulting in a higher goal in business.

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